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In addition to providing support on Pine Ridge, True Sioux Hope Foundation is dedicated to supporting its local community, especially through means of education. This month, True Sioux Hope Foundation’s founder, Twila True will be welcomed as a guest speaker to students at South Gate High School in Los Angeles County, California for its annual career day.

Every year, South Gate students welcome a group of professionals on career day to speak to a variety of topics including education, training, experience, typical workday, personal skills, teamwork and industry needs. Most of the students who attend South Gate High School are underprivileged, come from immigrant families and will be the first to go to college in their families.

Coming from the poorest reservation in the country where the average annual income is less then $3,500, True can relate to growing up in hardship. However, through years of hard work, True was able to defy the odds of a future life off Pine Ridge. As the co-founder, CEO and President of True Investments, LLC, a woman and minority-owned real estate private equity firm, founder of prototype nail studios under the Polished Perfect℠ by Twila True brand, founder of Love Without Boundaries – True Children’s Home and new owner of Twila True by Mardo in Newport Beach, CA, True now has everything she could have imagined.

On May 27, True will be able to speak to hundreds of students about her journey as a Native American woman growing up on and off reservations and how she was able to defy the odds of a life off Pine Ridge with her multitude of business success.

“Education is where it all begins. It is my hope to inspire students that no matter where you come from, determination and hard work can lead to success.

— Twila True

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