W H A T   I S   T R U E   S I O U X   H O P E ?

True Sioux Hope is born from the belief that with a little help, the strength and spirit of the great Sioux nation can thrive once again with pride and confidence. By honoring and releasing the pain of the past, we can go on to create new opportunities for a brighter future.


The following statistics chronicle an entire nation –

the Lakota Sioux of the Pine Ridge Reservation –

the poorest place in the United States.

Population: 35,000

National rate: 2.6 People
Worldwide rate: 3.6 People

Pine Ridge rate: 17 People

National rate: 5.6%
Worldwide rate: 6%

Pine Ridge: 90 %

National avg: Men 76, Women 81
Worldwide avg: Men 68, Women 73

Pine Ridge avg: Men 47, Women 52


True Sioux Hope was founded by successful entrepreneur Twila True, a Lakota Sioux from Pine Ridge, whose Native name means “Woman Who Walks Toward Future.” It is born from the belief that with a little help, the strength and spirit of the great Sioux Nation will thrive once again. True Sioux Hope fully funded the opening and operation of the first Children’s Safe Home on the Reservation which has helped reduce the infant mortality rate. Our thrift store, which is located in the town center, provides job training, employment, and availability of goods. We provide critical aid to the tribe with donations of infant formula, diapers, food, clothing, household items and firewood. Through our partnership with ASU, UCLA and UC Boulder we help make participation in academic summer camps and higher education possible for youth on the reservation. True Sioux Hope has garnered more than 400 million media impressions, and your support will allow us to continue to Help Hope Thrive!

Source: All statistics compiled from recent political, government and tribal publications as stated in the article titled, "The Arrogance of Ignorance: Hidden Away, Out of Sight and Out of Mind," by Stephanie M. Schwartz, freelance writer and member, Native American Journalists Association.



$7 per month provides critical aid and support necessary to empower us to act and improve the lives of ourselves and others. Together we will achieve bright futures of our own making.

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