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In order to create positive change for the Sioux Tribe in South Dakota, True Sioux Hope Foundation has identified three key pillars to support its mission: sustainability, education and immediate assistance. While the foundation’s long-term goal is to foster sustainability on the reservation, addressing immediate needs such as diabetes and malnutrition is critical to save the most vulnerable on the reservation.

Providing life-saving resources to support residents’ immediate needs would not be possible without the support of our generous donors. Most recently, True Sioux Hope Foundation received a large donation from CVS Health Foundation and would like to take this time to say, “Thank You.”

CVS Health Foundation is committed to improving the health of the communities they serve. As a leader in health care, CVS is focused on increasing access to quality health care services and improving outcomes. Sharing a passion to improve living conditions for those in poverty, CVS has donated 636 boxes of granola bars valued at $2,700 to True Sioux Hope Foundation to provide additional nourishment to the people of Pine Ridge.

Our mission, to bring hope to Pine Ridge, has been made possible with the support of our generous partners including Good 360,Nature’s One, Thrive Market, Kendra Scott and CVS Health Foundation. If you are interested in learning about the different ways to give back to Pine Ridge, be sure to follow us on Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn.

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