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True Sioux Hope Foundation works to inspire unprecedented, permanent and positive change for the Sioux Tribe living on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The improved living conditions of Pine Ridge would not be possible without the help of our supporters who work diligently to give back to the Sioux of Pine Ridge. Whether you donate money or volunteer time, giving back is beneficial for both the giver and the recipient. Below, we’ve highlighted the top five reasons that motivate people to give back:

  1. Giving Back Improves Your Sense Of Well-Being and Health Giving back is good for you. It creates an improved sense of well-being. Knowing that you sacrificed something such as time, finances, or property in order to help others in need can satisfy a sense of life purpose as well as inner satisfaction.

  2. Supporting A Cause Can Help You Gain A New Perspective When considering giving back to certain organizations or nonprofits, many people research the issues connected to the organization, which provides insight on social injustices or needed change around the world. This newfound knowledge empowers people to become cause-ambassadors and equips them with the power to help spread the word.

  3. Giving Back Makes You Feel Appreciated Seeing how your contributions can affect the lives of others can give you a heighted sense of appreciation. Coming across people who need your help is a strong incentive to continue giving back to those who depend on you.

  4. Donations Are Tax Deductible When you donate to a charitable organization or nonprofit, the amount you donate is tax deductible. Who would have thought that by giving back you would actually be getting back?

  5. Giving Back Allows You To Help Those Who Are In Need With 97% of Pine Ridge’s population living far below the U.S. federal poverty line, giving back to those in need can be a matter of life or death. There are many ways that people can give back and True Sioux Hope Foundation has allocated three pillars in which people can support: immediate needs, education and sustainability. When it comes to giving back, even the smallest amount can make a difference.

True Sioux Hope Foundation strives to give back in more ways than one, but our efforts would not be successful without the help of our supporters. Do you feel inspired or want to learn more about ways to give back? Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, and follow our cause on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Remember: “The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

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