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After hearing about True Sioux Hope Foundation from a dear friend, Donna Pickup knew her purpose was to connect with Twila True and help the Lakota Sioux of Pine Ridge.

Growing up in Rapid City, South Dakota, a few hours north of Pine Ridge Reservation, Pickup had many Sioux friends in high school that would go back to live on the Reservation during the summer. While Pickup knew of Pine Ridge Reservation, she didn’t understand the harsh reality of the poverty the Lakota Sioux faced until she left South Dakota.

Living in a nation who spends much of its efforts helping Third World countries around the world, Pickup thought to herself, “why can’t we help the people in our own backyard? Why can’t we help the Lakota Sioux in South Dakota?”

It is Pickup’s passion to help the Sioux of Pine Ridge. Her biggest focus will be supporting True Sioux Hope Foundation’s education pillar. To Pickup, education is where it all begins and gives the Lakota Sioux hope that there is another way of life.

“God only knows how far Twila and I will go to help the Sioux Indians of South Dakota."

— Donna Pickup

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