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Taking a stance to improve the health of the Lakota Sioux in Pine Ridge Reservation, True Sioux Hope Foundation and Thrive Market today announced a national initiative to raise $60,000 to support 100 families living on Pine Ridge Reservation.

With the Lakota Sioux living in conditions equivalent to those found in the poorest third world countries, the need for basic necessities is vital. Partnering with Thrive Market allows True Sioux Hope Foundation to provide life-saving supplies to poverty-stricken families on the reservation.

Thrive Market, whose mission is to make healthy living accessible to all, has created four

customized $50 product boxes which include best-selling healthy foods and natural, wholesome products in everyday sizes, to be delivered right to the door of a family in need on Pine Ridge Reservation.

By purchasing and providing one year’s worth of basic necessities, Thrive Market and True Sioux Hope Foundation will be able to help those most in need. The people of the Sioux Tribe are endangered and desperately need support. A $50 donation will provide relief to those battling life-threatening obstacles from diabetes to malnutrition to sanitation. This small gift can be the difference in helping a family get back on its feet, and most importantly, send the message that hope is on its way.

Help the Lakota Sioux Tribe thrive again by purchasing your $50 product box today! For more information, please

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