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As you may know, True Sioux Hope Foundation is dedicated to helping Pine Ridge Reservation create new opportunities for a brighter and safer future, and it would be difficult to achieve this goal without the assistance and strength of our amazing supporters. This month, True Sioux Hope Foundation would like to spotlight and thank Jeanine of Lake Forest, CA for her generous donation toward True Sioux Hope Foundation’s education pillar.

After reading an article in The Orange County Register about the hardships children on the reservation encounter and the foundation’s efforts to give back, Jeanine was inspired to help, and donated a substantial amount of children’s school supplies such as: educational books, art supplies, learning games, and teachers manuals. Jeanine’s generous donation is greatly appreciated and will make a positive impact on the children living on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

True Sioux Hope Foundation’s founder, Twila True, strongly stands behind the fact that we must empower our next generation through education. With supporters like Jeanine, this goal is that much more attainable. Through education, we can inspire the children of the reservation to create jobs, build sustainable income, and establish a brighter future for themselves and generations to follow.

Once again, True Sioux Hope Foundation would like to thank all of our strong supporters for their encouragement and donations over time. The foundation will continue to provide hope and strength to the Lakota Sioux of Pine Ridge Reservation.

If you feel inspired to donate or are interested in learning more about True Sioux Hope Foundation, please visit: You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter (be sure to check out our #Sioux60 campaign!).

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