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Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, the second largest in the nation, currently has the highest infant mortality rate on the continent. With a rate 300% higher than the U.S. national average, assistance in Pine Ridge is needed now more than ever to save the lives of Lakota Sioux Tribe children. Families living on the Pine Ridge Reservation have a median annual household income of $3,000 and minimal government assistance. Pine Ridge Reservation’s one grocery store of moderate size is tasked with providing for the entire population and does not even carry infant formula. With such little funds and resources, infants living on the reservation do not receive the nourishment needed to promote healthy growth. Donating just $50 to True Sioux Hope Foundation can make a difference by providing formula for a child for an entire month.

Pine Ridge Reservation’s elderly are also in need of immediate assistance, with an average life expectancy of merely 47 years of age for men and 52 years for women. Aside from diseases such as diabetes and tuberculosis, which are extremely common on the reservation, Lakota Sioux elderly suffer from extreme weather conditions. With summer temperatures reaching well above 110 degrees, bitterly cold winters diving lower than -50 degrees, and severe winds throughout the year, Pine Ridge Reservation elders struggle to survive and are often found dead from hypothermia each winter. Donating $200 to True Sioux Hope Foundation can provide enough firewood to an elderly tribe member for a winter season, ensuring they see spring.

American Indian Twila True founded True Sioux Hope Foundation to facilitate unprecedented, permanent, and positive change for the Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. Sending relief to the Lakota Sioux Tribe of Pine Ridge Reservation can be achieved through the Foundation’s three key pillars: sustainability, education, and immediate assistance. The Lakota Sioux Tribe of Pine Ridge Reservation are in dire need of help, so providing immediate assistance is critical to save the most vulnerable individuals on the reservation. Join True Sioux Hope Foundation in addressing the immediate needs for the Lakota Sioux Tribe of Pine Ridge Reservation, such as donating toward firewood for the elderly during the bitterly cold winters and life-saving formula for infants. Donating to True Sioux Hope Foundation’s immediate needs is critical to save the most vulnerable on the reservation. To get involved and make a donation, visit

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