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Twila True is a prominent businesswoman, member of the Lakota Sioux Tribe from Pine Ridge, South Dakota and the founder of True Sioux Hope Foundation. Having spent her formative years on reservations, True knows first-hand the unconscionable conditions in which the Lakota Sioux Tribe lives. In 2014, True founded True Sioux Hope Foundation to raise awareness and help the people of Pine Ridge Reservation by inspiring unprecedented, permanent, positive change for the Tribe through much needed educational and infrastructure initiatives.

Passionate about giving back, True is also involved in a number of other philanthropic endeavors. She is the founder of the Love Without Boundaries - True Children's Home, a nonprofit that she established during her residency in Hong Kong and China. True Children's Home works closely with China's state-run orphanages to rescue children who have terminal birth defects and help them regain their health through life-improving surgeries with the goal of promoting adoption. To date, more than 200 children have been rescued and placed with loving families around the globe.

In addition to being a dedicated philanthropist, True is also a successful businesswoman. As the co-founder, CEO and President of True Investments, LLC, a leading woman and minority-owned real estate private equity firm, True is responsible for the firm’s overall strategy, finances, operations, and culture, with a focus on growing assets under management and scaling the growth and capabilities of the business. Additionally, True Investments, LLC and its affiliated and managed entities, invest in operating companies with a focus on four sectors including health and beauty, real estate, food and beverage, and finance.

With her unmatched experience, passion and business acumen, True hopes to spread awareness of the conditions of the Pine Ridge Reservation and make impactful, permanent changes for the Sioux Tribe by fostering sustainability, education and immediate assistance. Through these efforts, the strength and spirit of the great Sioux nation can thrive once again with pride and confidence.

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