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The Lakota Sioux use Dream Catchers as the web of their life, holding their destiny and futures. Purchase a Dream Catcher to grant wishes for children living on Pine Ridge like: Legos, Basketball, Hair Barretts, Batteries, iPad, Headphones, Remote Car, Bicycle, Dirt Bike, Fidget Spinner, Board Games, Remote Helicopter, Clothes, iPad Case, Electric Scooter, Play Make-Up, Something Pink, Puppy, Movies, Winter Coat, Rubiks Cube, Warriors Shirt, Panda Sweater, Guitar, Phone, Card Games, Earrings, or Pants. Your donation will be used only for a wish or activity for a child in our School Funding Program. 

We thank you for your contribution in supporting our mission to provide critical aid and empower Tribal members to act, positioning this generation for success and ensuring positive impact for future generations. You have chosen to donate to Dream Catcher Tree of Life.

True Sioux Hope Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

EIN: 47-1440797

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